Thursday, June 9, 2011

Worms And Feathers

Do you have worms or minnows? What? Live Bait. I need to buy some. Preferably worms. We don't have live bait. You're out? No, we never sell it. This conversation seems to be coming up more and more these days. Everyone's a bait fisherman. It gets annoying sometimes. I don't have much against them, but they could do some research before coming in and wasting our time. We try and sell them a plastic float and a few flies, which sometimes works. Like my friend said a few days ago, it's the first step in the change-over. Maybe they'll see how well flies work, and eventually become fly-fishermen. Maybe. But Probably not. You remember my "Crazy People Live Among Us" post? It's like, the most looked at of all of them? Well, they're still here. Hoards of them, just walking the streets. There is a special kind though, the kind that really pisses me off. Those people who read but don't care. The people who walk right by the Catch And Release signs, stringer in hand. The I forgot-my-license-at-home people. The worms and bobber on your local stream people. I saw one of these guys on Boulder Creek the other day. Right in one of my favorite holes. Do you have your license with you sir? Oh, well, uh... Live bait isn't allowed here sir. Well.... What's in that cooler sir, this is all catch and release. It went on and on. I kept bugging him and bugging him, until he finally left. I fished on, hitting all the holes I could for an hour, and then went back to the hole he was in. First cast, my fly got hit. I brought the fish in, and found one of the guy's hooks in the fish's mouth. You gotta be kidding me.


  1. Okay Justin, it's your job before we go fishing to remind me, license...check, reel...check...I'm old and need this. But, don't bother asking if I've got the worms.

  2. Where've ya been Howard? The only worms we might need are annelids, which will be one of tomorrow's two posts.