Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks, Everyone

Happy Father's Day!

Wow what a week. Carp got slayed, Bass got their eyes crossed, and lips of trout were ripped. But there is one person who needs to be greatly thanked, even though he has nothing to do with any of that. My dad. You see, my dad has really done a lot for me lately. He has never been a very outdoorsy type of person, but he is trying to learn how to fly-fish anyway. But it's not just taking an interest in fly fishing, it's taking an interest in the thing I love to do. And that means a ton to me. Thanks dad, we love you.
Mom and Justin

There are also some other people who need to be thanked by me this Father's Day, even though they're not my dad. They have still taught me a ton and play good (?) role models in a big part of my life.

Howard has taught me tons and tons about blogging, whether he knew it or Knot ;) Whenever I read his blog, I see great techniques and tips in his writing that I could possibly implicate in to my own writing at some point. The same happens with visual stuff, and any other parts of the blog. So thanks Howard.

Apart from helping me with my blog, Jay Z has taught me a lot in the shop. I don't think I've ever been in the shop where he wasn't constantly there, working away at something. I try to help, stocking stuff away and cleaning stuff and helping customers blah blah blah. More importantly though, I see how he works and take that into my own brain, stored away for when I'm older. It's a work ethic that will not only excel in a fly shop, but get through any part of life. So thanks Carp man, I'll try and learn up on some of those fish throughout the Summer.

So look above at the three pictures again. Do I have three great role models in my life? I think so.

These are not the only people who play an important part in my life, but that will be another story.


  1. Justin, I'm proud to be friends with such a fine young man, especially when you've got two great role models in your dad and Jay. Thanks, now go mow the yard!

  2. Yes. I think you do have three great role models. These are amazing men...soak them in.

  3. You are a rock star, brother!