Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Adventures Of Gabriella (Part Four)

After spending all day hiking yesterday, I slept late today. It was really crowded staying with all the mice, but I managed. I woke up at about noon, and planned out my move for the day. It looked like the only thing within a short hike of us was the sunglass case, so that was where I was headed. The walk only took about 1/2 and hour, and so that was no problem. When I arrived at my spot on the sunglass case and set up my sleeping place, I started planning. It looks like there's something within a usual hiking distance, so that's where I'm headed. I'm completely disoriented, but I'm hoping there's someone at this next place who can point me in the right direction. Until then, I'm resting up!

My sleeping spot at the sunglass case for tonight


  1. Cool shades! Is this where the up and coming author buys his? Only Gabriella knows for sure.

  2. They don't cary my color of sunglasses, so I had to have mine ordered. They're all very cool looking, but I can't wear sunglasses that aren't white. Cramps my style ;)