Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quadruplets And A New CONTEST

Don't be a hater, don't discriminate. I went out these past two days and caught quadruplets, four different species of fish. I didn't leave any of the fish out, except anything that didn't live where I was fishing.

Let's start this one off at the beginning. I went out to find my first of the four babies, a trout. I fished a tight little stretch for about an hour, picking up lots of fish as I went. They were mostly small, but I did manage to pick up this good looking Brown on a PMX.

Now, it was time to find some big uglies, the Carp. I went out to a local hot spot that has really been producing for me the last week or so that night. Nothing. Well, not quite nothing. The carp weren't picking up on the flies at all, but I did find one cute little pond bass to add to my list. Not a big Bass, but a bass. Now all that was left was Carp And Bluegill. 

I woke up this morning around 8:30, and was on the water by 9:00. The Carp were hanging around, but they didn't seem very hungry. Finally after around an hour of casting, I tricked a Carp into sucking in my fly. I battled the fish for a few minutes, who gave one big run and then bulldogged his way back in. The fish was in the net, we were all set and three fourths of the way done, and the only fish left was a Bluegill. 

Wow, where can I start with the Bluegill? I've been tying a cool variation of the Backstabber, with a tail and some flash and things like that. Many bluegill were caught on this fly. Some very large Bluegill were caught on this fly. The one Bluegill worthy to make an appearance as the Bluegill though, was this guy. Why? Look at those beautiful orange markings. How could I resist such a pretty fish?

And so all this got me thinking. And this is how the contest comes into play. If you can catch four different types of fish in under 24 hours, you will win four flies. However, if you submit more than four, you will win more flies. The three people who catch the most fish will win a bigger, special, secret prize. Just email me photos of the four fish you catch. We will trust that they were all within the time period, so please be honest. Below are some rules for the contest.


1. All fish must be caught within the 24 hour time period

2. Bluegill are considered Sunfish, and Brook Trout considered Trout (not char). Crappie can be their own thing. Saltwater fish will be individually judged to decide if they are considered the same species or not. 

3. All submissions should include a first name and contact email

4. All fish should be released after the photo has been taken

5. Tippet should be no larger than 3x, unless fishing for Saltwater fish or fish over 10 pounds. 


  1. Nice job Justin. Is there anything you don't do well?

  2. My cooking looks like it came from the wrong end of a moose. (Is there a right end?) I think we'll just leave the cooking to Erin.

  3. Ha! Jay has this little song he sometimes has to sing when I cook...."burnt toast is good for me." ;-)

  4. emb-Well of course, toast has gluten! We've all seen the cooking posts from before SOMEONE got you into fly fishing ;) They look good!

  5. Dang you're sharp. There is, actually, gluten free toast. It's not as good as the real thing, but I've forgotten what "real" tastes like. hehe....I only take photos of the stuff that turns out!

  6. Ya right, about as sharp as a butter knife. Butter needed to cover up the flavor of gluten free toast. And that's always true, who takes photos of fish that don't "turn out?"

  7. Good point, butter knife. ;)

  8. I made bread today, my kitchen looks like the Alamo. Was a butter knife too sharp? Maybe a spoon??