Saturday, June 11, 2011

When In Doubt, Tie

Is it gonna rain? Is everything too high and off color? Will the fish be deep? I wasn't sure if I was going to fish because of all these reasons. But there was one thing I could do no matter what. I could be prepared. That means I could tie flies. Hmmmm, flies. What a novel idea. So I went ahead and tied some flies. I tied flies of all different colors, sizes, and types. I tied one that looked like the fly above. After hours of that, it was do or die time. Should I go fishing, or stay home? Wow, stupid goddamn question. To fishing! Flies were cast, once again at Pella. Fish were around, but sort of spread out. I only fished for half an hour, but managed to find two decent fish. I did see two very cool and unusual things though. Catfish were everywhere, grouped up and swimming around. I probably saw more catfish then I've ever seen before. There was also one that was in the 25 pound class, and a bunch in the 20 pound range. The other very cool thing was another grouping of fish. I've only ever seen three or four Smallmouth in Pella, but they were all out today. Hanging near a rock wall, I saw tons of Smallmouth, including one that was pushing 20 inches. Cool! Fish are out there, both in lakes and streams. Boulder creek is tough, but there are still hungry fish to be caught. Rip 'em up!

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