Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sheep, The Full Story

Anybody know a good community farm in boulder? I'm buying a goat. But not just any goat, a cashmere goat. As I was walking home from a good day of fishing at Wonderland Lake, I noticed a bunch of animals.

"What the hell are those?"
"Cashmere Goats."

As we got closer, I noticed that the fence that kept the goats in was wrapped with their fur tightly. Almost. Like. Dubbing. Idea!

I ran up, and started pulling fur off the fence. After my friend became aware of what I was doing, he joined in. Half an hour later, we left with a full pocket of goat crap covered fur. The rest of the night, I left the fur sitting in a mix of conditioner and water. That concoction took away the goat shit smell and some of the other mixed goodies in the fur. The next day, I washed it out, dried it, and put it in a tub of dye. Now, I can proudly say that I have cashmere goat dubbing. Nice!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Currently dying Cashmere sheep. More on this story tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Man, school takes a lot of time! The past month, I've been screwing around with homework, tests, exams, everything. On the weekends, I've been shut out by bad roads and blizzards that keep me away from the water. So have I been on some mad, unbelievable trip with huge fish and brought back some quality fish porn? No, although I've been a few times. What I have been doing a lot of, however, is tying flies. Sylvan Dale is coming up in April, and I'm ready. Hope to tart getting on here more frequently soon,