Thursday, June 2, 2011

Product Review- People These Days...

Wow, hands down the stupidest idea of all time. What the hell. Who would use these. Idiots. Wow, that's all I can say. Ever heard of Magic Heads? Didn't think so. If you haven't look them up. If you're like me, you saw them and started laughing. You know those things dogs have to wear? Like these:

Well, this is the fly version of those things. They attach to the front of your fly, and are supposed to make your fly wiggle. How do people come up with these things? But if you're even more like me, curiosity took over. Do they maybe work? Could it be? So I had to buy a pack. Just to see if they work. I tied a quick Wooly Bugger, put one on, and went down to the Creek. This does NOT work. All these flies do is jump up and down, splashing a trail of water close behind. The biggest fish I saw the whole day ran in terror from my crazy pattern. Changed flies, and the fish were all over it. But I can't blame them, would anything eat this?

Completely ridiculous. In other news, Jay has finally gone completely insane. Whatever they use to preserve the hackle, Jay has had one sniff too many. Here is Jay, rolling around in some of that hackle preserve.


  1. Man, I always feel so bad for dogs and cats with their heads in those cones. Now I have to feel sorry for flies too? What in the world!

    Hehe...I think Jay was pretty proud of that frame. ;)

  2. yea, they looks so sad and pathetic! The flies fish pathetic, so it's the same general thing. And ya, best ten bucks I ever spent, heheheheh.

  3. I would kill to have everything Jay is dry humping

  4. ps.. you want to make some money grizzly saddles are going for $500 on ebay

  5. Bringing my 7 month bulldog in to get fixed in a week or so, I forgot how sad dogs look with that thing on their head...I'll make sure to post a picture or two

    it is hard to believe that the Magic Head's didn't work :-)

  6. O man, I would give anything for some of those hackles. And oh wow, that's a ton! Dang!