Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Organization Nation!

How I Kept My Gear Before, Giant Bags

It's been two years. Two years since my mom started telling me I needed to organize my fly tying stuff. Friends told me the same. And after these two years, I finally got my act together. Not completely together, but it's a vast improvement. I'll keep working on it until it's all organized, but that won't get finished until the new tying desk and shelves I ordered comes in the mail. For now, I have 6 storage facilities for my gear.

Box 1:   Chenille. I tie around two hundred San Juan Worms every Winter, getting ready for the Kid's Camp. Those guys go through flies fast, and once they figure out how easy it is to catch fish on the Worms, they all want one. They break it, and it becomes two. You see where this is going. Now, I have all my Chenille together for tying Worms and even some other things, like Girdle Bugs.

Box 2:   Beads, Hooks, and Flash. Not much I can really say about this one. We need hooks for every fly. Beads go on hooks. So these things go well together. I'm not really sure how the Flash got in there, but that's where it's gonna live from now on.

Box 3:   Pheasant, Peacock, and Hen. All of the pheasant pieces and bits I have gotten from friends hunting experiences! This one looks really cool, because if you take the pieces and set them up, you have an entire Pheasant. There's also Peacock hurl and feathers, and an Indian Hen Neck for small nymph tails.

Box 4:   Glue. It's got Hard As Hull, Zap A Gap, UV Knot Sense, And a UV Light. It's another thing I use for every fly, and having it's own box makes finding it easy. There's also a small Dubbing Box that sits next to it.

Mini Drawers:   This has eight little boxes that hold all my spare stuff, such as extra hooks, beads, fly boxes, dubbing, and the list goes on. When I run out of something, that's the first place I look.

Tool Container:   It holds all my tools.

So there it is, and you saw how I kept all my stuff before. Now, check out the after!

My New Organization System!

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  1. I'm betting that it doesn't stay that neat for too long...