Friday, June 10, 2011

Recipe- Annelid

Wow, the only fly that doesn't need thread! All you need is red wire, a C12U Gamakatsu hook, UV Knot Sense, and thin head cement. Here is the recipe for this super easy fly, which can be tied in your hands! It somehow manages to fool the big ones, and is a top producer on places like the Dream Stream and the North Platte. Once you practice, these can be done in under a minute.

Step 1: Make a few wraps of wire around the hook from the back, heading forward. There should be a small tag at the back and a large one at the front.

Step 2: Continue wrapping the long wire tag forward until you reach the front of the hook. Then cut both tags, and press the remaining miniscule tags down onto the hook. The fly should look like this

Step 3: Apply UV Knot Sense and Head cement to cover the fly. Make sure the UV sets before applying the head cement. There should be a nice, shiny coat around the fly now. Make sure to let dry for at least ten minutes. Here is the finished fly:

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