Friday, June 3, 2011

Perfect Creations

Have you ever had a fly that you tied just right? It's really a cool feeling. Everything goes right, and the fly comes out just the way you wanted it to. You think, "Wow! I could be one of those 16 year old girls who tie flies in China!" We've all been there. Because that's the kind of people we (usually) are. We like to be perfectionists, even though the fish don't care. We just want to have something that we did that looks amazing. We won't be happy until they're perfect, but we can tell when they are. We can understand when there is no problems with the whole thing, and that is a cool feeling. It's not just with fly tying, too. Have you ever thrown the perfect cast? The line rolls over perfectly, and the fly lands picture perfectly? That's the same feeling. I had a cool day yesterday, because this happened to me twice. I was working at the fly-shop, and it was a slow part of the day. So me and my friend Rem, who is the painter of the amazing mural we now have, went down to the creek. This feeling happened the first time when I threw my fifth cast. The line swung around beautifully, and the fly hit perfectly. Strip, strip, strip, strip, Bam! I caught the fish, but it was even more cool to know everything went perfectly. So that was that. The second time something like this happened was while I was fly-tying that night. I was trying to tie a Slump-Buster, which is a very good streamer on Boulder Creek. I have bee teaching myself this pattern, and it has been a few days now. I tied this fly, and then took another look. Wow, this fly was good. I looked it over while looking over at the real version, and they looked the same. Sweet! Here is the fly I found on the internet, and mine.

Internet Fly

Justin's Fly

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  1. No, I've never tied a perfect fly, never cast a perfect line, never wrote the perfect post and never burnt a piece of toast.