Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eating The Pink (Or Letting Tail Escape?)

Hey guys, this is saving the environment we're talking about. Salmon populations are down, there's plenty of other food for us.... wait, why am I talking about this? To get into a story, of course! See, I made a trip up to Vancouver for a summer vacation last year. It is a really nice place, and I really hope to get back there soon. My first order of business when we arrived was to book a fishing trip. It was scheduled, and after walking around the town for a few days, we were headed to the docks. After standing there for around ten minutes, we were greeted by an old man and told where we would be fishing. We hopped in, got everything together, and started the boat. We drove for a short time before arriving at the salmon grounds, and then popped out the rods. First cast, bam! Fish on. I fought the fish for a while before we finally brought it to the boat. It was a Sockeye! The man explained that Sockeye populations were very depleted the past few years, but did we want to keep it. Hell no! We took a picture and let the fish go. We kept fishing for the entire day, and kept putting the hammer on Sockeye. It was very cool to add a new species of fish to my list, but even cooler to know that we were helping the fish survive as a whole, just by putting a few fish back. We came back with the docks with nothing to show, and people asked us if we didn't catch any. "No, we did. We just let them all go." So remember, "Salmon, the other pink meat." NOT THE ORIGINAL

Lol, Dad Hooked Up In The Background

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  1. Nice post Justin. Sometimes it's hard to put back good food, but just seems like the right thing to do.