Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Day In The Life

I just finished up on a great day at the shop, working on all the odd jobs and chores that could use doing. We got a new pontoon boat, which looks awesome. Actually, the whole shop looks pretty awesome. It's a polar opposite of how it was last year, under some old ownership. Now Chet's the bossman, who is pictured above. He didn't want his picture taken, so I had to trick him into it, hence the confused look. We also washed the windows and trash cans, so the shop looks nice and clean. Yes, we washed the trash cans. With peak season right in front of us, it should be awesome. We've got everything in here, including a large array of hackle. Probably the only shop in the state with a good selection, so come check it out! In fishing news, Boulder Creek is still flying high. It's possible to catch fish with heavy nymphs and streamers, but it's by no means easy. I'll try and get out there tonight and see if I can't raise some fish for pictures. I'll also be out near Deckers this weekend, and hopefully bring home a story. Until then, look at the sweet progress on the mural! Its almost finished!

1 comment:

  1. This is trippy....why is the mural all backwards?!

    Oh, and GO CHET!