Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bonefish Like Sunfish

First off, sorry I haven't posted in a day and a half. I got a call that there was lots of golden bonefish at a lake on a golf course, an I was headed away. It turned into a sleepover, and there was no time to type. The previous words that there were lots of Carp, well that was an understatement. First thirty seconds of casting into the pond, the carp had been hooked up on. There would have been even more hookups, but the third hook stuck and I had to fight the fish for five or so minutes. There he is above. I let the fish go and moved on to some more spots, dropping my line in the water as I went. Suddenly the line went tight. Not carp tight, but Crappie tight. I brought the little guy in and let him go. Walking down the bank, I spotted a large tail. There was a big fish mudding around the bottom. First cast, the tail turned and went under. One, two, three, Set! Fish on! He ran straight out into the middle of the lake and battled me out there for a while before bulldogging his way back toward shore. Another few minutes of fighting, some very improvised netting, and the fish was in. What a piggy!

I caught a few more fish in the other pond, and then decided to head on back. One thing was bugging me though, that we could only fish one side of the lake. The other was golf course property. So when we arrived home, the first thing I did was call the Golf Shop.

Hey, what's your final tee-time?

And back we went, at 8:00, to fish the other side. I caught four more carp, two of which who were just released without picture. The two bigger fish though, were photographed for any blogging that needed to be done. The first one was caught 15 minutes after we arrived, and the second one right as the sun was going down. Attached is the picture of the second one. Once we couldn't see the carp any more, we went on hame and watched a movie.

Waking up early that morning, we went out and fished Bear Creek. Not much to be said except I caught six, the biggest right around 11 inches. My mom picked me up soon after that. Since I knew she had never seen a carp out of water before, I asked her if we could make a quick stop. 30 seconds after the arrival, Bam! This big boy was brought to the net.

I moved onto the second pond, only to see a school of about thirty carp swimming around. I picked out the biggest tail in the group and cast. What-do-ya-know? After a super huge and intense battle and some very skilled netting by my mom, the big boy of the trip was brought in. 10 pounds baby! And don't believe me? The carp above looks about the same size. But look how outstretched my arm is in the first picture, and how little it is in the second. Bang.


  1. What did your mom think of the carp? Really, really nice fish! Were you using your rust busters?