Monday, June 20, 2011

Recipe- Bonnet Midge

The Bonnet Midge is a creation of my own, and something I have worked on for awhile now. I almost always tie it in a size 20 to fish Boulder Creek in the Winter, but it can be tied bigger or smaller with the same results. It's easy, doesn't require much material, and catches tons of fish. First, you'll need the curve shank hook, the silver bead, silver wire, black thread, and some white antron. Then, just start tying!

Step 1:  Put on your bead, start a thread base, and tie in the silver wire. Wrap your silver wire all the way to the front of the hook.

Step 2:  Tie in the antron at the front of the hook so it puffs up. Hey, it's wearing a Bonnet! Hey, guess what else! Tie it off and your done!
Side View

Front View


  1. Cool! I've been tying some midges with peacock, and think they look like they have Elizabethan collars on. Or, those sad collars dogs have to wear when they've had surgery. I prefer the Elizabethan collar image myself.

  2. Hey I think I can successfully tie one of these!