Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Lost Writer

Yes, writers have to write. But fishermen also have to fish. And I am definitely a fisherman before a writer. So I've been out fishing, almost everyday. Many things have happened, and I have more shit to shoot than a hunter who ate a whole can of Baked Beans. But all in good time, so for now I'll just talk about one adventure. I was fishing The North Big T the other day, and the fishing was hot. It was about noon, and I had already pulled 30 fish. My dry fly was drifting peacefully down a nice run, when for some reason a fish attacked it... oh wait, that's my cue to set the hook. Set the hook I did, and I had another fish on. As I brought in my fish, I noticed that there was another fish following the first one. Not the first time this happened, but this was a little different. This fish followed the other very closely. I mean like perfect turning. After trying to watch the other fish for a minute, I lifted up my fish. And What-Do-Ya-Know?! Thank God for two-fly rigs!