Sunday, June 12, 2011

South Platte Success (In Memoriam)

I'm home! I managed to survive the high water conditions of the South Platte near Deckers, and find some really good fish! I was at a different section than last week, one known to have smaller (but still big) fish. It was a cool challenge to try and find fish at all, let alone find one of the bigger fish and manage to catch it. There was a special feel in the air, as I was on a mission. To catch a big fish, and give it a kiss for my grandpa. He passed away a few days ago. Knowing the fish were smaller, I put it upon myself to try and find that fish for him. We arrived a little after eight, rigged and ready to roll. It only took about 10 casts before my indicator dipped, and soon a fish was brought to the net. Like I said, smaller, but still big:

We kept fishing and caught more fish, all around the same size. My indicator dipped once again, and I set the hook into a nice fish. Sadly, it popped off after a few head throws. I was quite upset as I thought that was my big fish, and I wasn't going to finish my mission. More fish were caught, and we decided to move downstream. I got in front of a nice rock, casted, and watched my indicator dip. I set the hook on another good fish, fought it for a long time, and got it to the net. All the pressure was relieved, I had the big one. I took the picture down below, gave the fish a big kiss (no tongue, I swear), and let him go. 

The rest of the day was spent fishing and shooting the proverbial shit, tying on new flies and catching fish. I didn't care if I caught any more big fish. My day was complete. Lots more fish were caught, and the total went into the mid twenties. I went home completely satisfied, and ready for a rest. Just for kicks though, here's a cool brown and the final fish of the day. 

Grandpa Bob
In Loving Memory


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandpa Bob, Justin. This was a beautiful tribute to him...

  2. My condolences to you and your family Justin. You did good!