Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Adventures Of Gabriella (Part One)

Welcome to the great adventure of Gabriella the Girdle Bug. Can she make her way back to all the other Girdle Bugs?

Hey there, My name's Gabriella. I'm a size 8 Girdle Bug, which means I'm about 12 in human years. I live in Girdle Bug, USA, with my family and friends. Well, I used to. I was grabbed by a giant a few days ago and taken far from my home. Then, they just left me there! Now, I have to try and make my way home. It's going t be a long journey, but hopefully I can find my town again. Girdle Bug, USA is in Rocky Mountain Anglers fly shop. I know I'm still close, because of where I find my self right now, but I have no idea where. I've never left the town, so this is a whole new experience for me. I'm very scared, but I know that if I look hard enough, I can find my way home. Will you keep an eye on me as I go through my big journey?

To be continued each night....

This Is Where The Giant Left Me. The Brown Dot In The Fish's Mouth? That's Me


  1. "To be continued each night...." It'll be my bedtime story!

  2. So, have you noticed, are other men catching on to "The Next Feather Girls Fad"...?