Friday, June 24, 2011

Erin's Lily Bugger

Vacation! Over the 4th, my parents have to go back East to sort some things out about my Grandpa, and so I'll be staying with my (other) grandparents again. Since we ran out of things to do last time, we decided we would take a little vacation. We're going to head up to Estes Park, stay for a night, and go fishing. I'm definitely going to try and make it to Lily lake, and there is only on fly I'm taking. The Lily Bugger, designed by Erin! Last time I was at the lake, fish seemed really keyed in on streamers. The problem was, I didn't have any small enough to throw at them! With that in mind, I just threw a Hare's Ear and stripped it back like a streamer. A few weeks ago, I read about Erin's trip to Lily and the Lily Bugger. So I went back to the post yesterday night, looked at the picture of the fly, and tied a dozen. There's green, gray, double beaded, and the special dubbing I spun myself in the mix. So that's one day all set. But what can I do the other day? Which other lake should I fish? We'll do a vote of comments. So? Put 'em up!

Lily Buggers


  1. Thanks, Justin! I hope they work for you! Heading to fish in RMNP tomorrow, and I'll let you know how Sprague Lake is looking!

  2. That was my choice, Sprague Lake. Go get em bud.

  3. E.m.b- I'm sure they will. Sounds good, what's the hike up to Sprague like? I've never been.

    Cofisher- sounds good, that's where I'm headed. I'll tell you how it goes.