Monday, June 6, 2011

Pella Monsters

First off, thanks for understanding when I couldn't post last night. There was a family emergency that had to be dealt with. But I did manage to dig up a good fish tale this morning, as the Pella bass were pretty compliant! I got to the lakes around eight this morning, ready to put in. I came up on a school of large catfish getting ready to spawn, which was very cool. After the idea of noodling (yes, noodling Howard), came and went, I hopped into my boat, I kicked around for about twenty minutes, but all the fish were interested in was each other. Staging for the spawn, trying to find mates, and so on. I decided to change tactics, getting out of my boat and jumping down to the last lake. I was able to find some big fish, but they all either swam away or just sat with their mate. I fished for a while without finding any hungry fish, and was about to call it a day. As I was walking toward the car, something caught my eye. One fish, two fish, three fish, four fish. All huddled together, which means they weren't staging yet! I quickly tossed in my Slump Buster and caught the first fish. Here he is:

I came back and quickly caught the other two males, who were both about the same size as the first. Now it was time to catch the larger female. I put the cast in, gave it some action, and it was fish on. I battled for about ten minutes, and brought the big girl in. After that, I decided to call it a day. Here is the big ending female:


  1. Hey, are you interested in joining us for the Rocky Mountain Frenzy...check out my post on it!

  2. Good going Justin! You are a rockin' fisherman.

  3. emb- thanks!

    rd- I'd love to, when are you planning on doing this?

    cofisher- thanks man! I'm workin' on it!