Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adding On To Others

For those of you who didn't get to read it, Howard over at Wind Knots And Tangled Lines told all about the rare, exotic, ugly, and sometimes even scary fish that he think should be added to the fish dictionary. After I laughed about it for awhile, it got me thinking. Are there any other new fish out there? Here are my additions.

1. Popeye Fish
This fish seems to use deception and trickery to catch it's prey, as the Popeye fish plays scenes and sometimes even whole episodes of the show "Popeye" out of it's eyes. Many think that the Popeye got it's name that way. They are wrong. The fish actually gets it's name from it's extremely large popped out eyes, which play the show scenes. This fish is starting to become a danger as people are actually trying to swim down and watch the show, but getting attacked by the fish when they arrive. He is pictured below.

2. Super Geniusfish
This next fish has a mind so big, it's brain is popping out of it's head... literally. The Super Geniusfish has such a large mind at this point, that prey are just telepathically placed into the fish's mouth. For now all is safe with these fish, but people worry if one day a much larger strain will appear, hungry for humans. In the mean time, these fish just spend their days swimming... and walking. Yes the Super Geniusfishhas developed enough to where it can spend days or even weeks on land, catching birds and rabbits and so on.

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  1. Those two could be featured in their own scary movie, starring Justin as our hero...aquariuman.