Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buried Treasure

It can be found under a sandy beach on an uncharted island, in a sunken pirate ship, in a fish's mouth... wait, a fish's mouth? Yes, treasure can be buried in a fish's mouth. All sorts of things, different sizes, shapes, and colors. I was lucky enough to find some buried treasure in a fish's mouth the other day. My rig had been drifting along nice and peacefully, and was suddenly attacked by a fish. I fought the fish for a little while, trying to find a slow spot to land him in. As I lifted my rod to bring the fish out of the water, I felt a quick pop. Hmm, that's strange. When I finally landed the fish, I found the source of the pop. The Girdle Bug that the fish ate had popped out of his mouth, but immediately latched onto another Girdle Bug that the fish had previously eaten. Attached to the other Girdle Bug was also a Blue Poison Tung. We pulled the flies out of the fish's mouth and let him go. The Blue Poison was too beaten up for more use, but the Girdle from the fish's mouth was in good condition. After awhile, this got me thinking two things. One, What if we hadn't caught the fish, and the other fly hooked a stick or something along those lines? How would the fish survive? And two, I wonder how often this happens? Has anyone else found buried treasure? If so, tell us about it below.


  1. I caught someone else's fly at Walden on Sunday. Got a snag, and pulled in another fly. It was actually pretty cool looking and I tied it on and fished it for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. I was fishing this spring in the Black Hills. The first day of fishing, I broke off an RS2 on a pretty small fish. Not thinking anything of it, I fished the rest of the day and went home. The next morning I woke up and headed back to the same river I had fished the day before. Two casts in, I had my RS2 back...it was still stuck in the corner of the his mouth. I didn't blog about it because I thought people would think I was crazy.

  3. a buddy of mine broke off on a fish under the ice,only to be caught 2 hours later by another in our fishing party. He kept the jig and didnt return it...