Monday, June 13, 2011

In A Room Filled With Fish

People tell me I'm crazy, obsessed. Maybe I am. Hell, I'm sure I am. How else could I post so much on here? How else could I have just pumped so much money into gear? Why else would my room be covered in fish? Wait, covered in fish? Yes, covered. When I moved into my new house a few years back, my grandma did a paint job on it for me. Instead of the blue or yellow walls, my rooms is the Saltwater flats of Belize. I have two tarpon, three redfish, two permit, an extremely large baitfish, three puffers, one sea trout,  one jack, one snook, two bonefish, one ladyfish, and one flounder. Lots of fish. Not to mention that the background of the room is very realistic, with tall grass and crabs and so on. So here, take a look. This is just one section of my room, which includes the permit and the giant baitfish. I'll add little pieces here and there around my blog every so often, and explain what it tells a story of. Cross their eyes out there!


  1. Awesome! When my dad was a kid, he painted his bedroom walls to look like an aquarium! I can't wait to see the rest of your mural. Cool grandma you have. :)

  2. When I was a kid I painted everything black, had a black light, listened to strange music and smoked...well, never mind.

  3. I thought we all went through that Howard lol.. Justin that is freaking awesome!