Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey, It Really Can Catch Fish!

How strange. I tied a fly, just made one up, that actually does catch fish. Cool! I got off to a very late start today, sleeping in until ten while my parents were out. I woke up, turned the TV on, and started throwing something together for Pella. It was originally planned that we go to Boulder Creek, but as it turns out the Dam starts spilling today. So we changed our destination to Pella, and I needed some flies. After tying a few complete failures, I finally put together something I could use. It's that cute little green thing above. I tied a few more, and got my rods al rigged up and ready to go. An hour later, we were ready to hit the water. I walked down my favorite bank, looking for signs of fish. I saw a  good indicator that a fish was here, which is a nice 14 inch largemouth right on the bank. I put my fist cast in and what-do-ya-know? Fish on. I brought the nice fish in, took this picture, and released him:

I kept walking the banks and finding fish, all hungry for my little fly. I only fished for about 45 minutes, and managed to release five nice fish, including an 18 incher that was only willing to pose for a picture in the water. But I guess that's what you get for laying the rod down to get cool pictures. Tight lines and bent rods to ya!

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