Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Adventures Of Gabriella (Part Two)

Randy's Tomato Plants

I’ve moved! After talking to all of you last night, I planned out my next move. It was the longest day of the year, so I had lots of light to see what was going on. I saw Randy’s Tomato Plants sitting in the open area, and that looked about a good distance for a morning hike. Then I went to bed.This morning, I walked for a few hours (Girdle Bugs are slow), and finally reached the tomato plants. See all the plants? But what’s this? It’s me, Gabriella! After I reached the plants, I took a rest and started planning my next move. In the distance, I think I see a door. My plan is to make it past the door and get as far into the shop as I can. That is, if it really is a door. If not, all my efforts are for nothing. 

G,G,G,G,G, Gabriella!

Will Gabriella make it back into the shop? Or will she waste valuable time trying to get to a door that isn’t really there? Keep reading to continue. 

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