Thursday, May 5, 2011

When Will Fractions Catch My Fish?

As I sat in math class today, that's what ran through my mind. We were learning about something called "absolute value inequalities", which was beyond me. I was totally zoned out, thinking about the fact that ten days from now I would be standing in the middle of the Colorado river, catching brown trout dawn 'till dusk. Summer break is almost here, and I'm excited! Fishing, fishing, and more fishing for 90 days! We might even take a trip to Hawaii to catch Marlin. As I forced my mind to drift back to math, I thought again, "When will fractions catch my fish?"

Me: Hey, where's the nearest bass pond from here?
Farmer Joe: Well, you take this old dirt road down about 40 meters. Then, you'll get to two roads that are perpendicular on around a 30 degree plane. Take the 75 degree split, than travel another 4 kilometers and you're at the pond.

Hmm, I guess fractions will actually catch my fish


  1. Got only three streamers left. Nothin' but 5x tippet. But some big bass deep... How many fish does that add up too? NONE! Ha ha hahahahah! Just three more lost flies!

  2. "When will fractions catch my fish?" -- haha! I used to wonder all kinds of stuff during math class. Although my beef was with multiplication... have a horrible story about green olives and multiplication tables.

    p.s. I like the quote-spin under your blog header. Nice! ;)