Monday, May 30, 2011

A Change of Plans

I was supposed to go trout fishing in the Creek this morning. Like I said in my last post, I knew today was the Bolder Boulder, and it might not work out. Well, sadly it didn't. I did however, get another chance to fish a small pond on the Front Range for bass and bluegill. It was really a lot of fun, and I got to fish when I thought it wasn't gonna happen. As I was driving into Boulder, my friend called and said the town was almost impossible to get through, and it looked like a storm might be rolling in. I was smart enough, and so when he called and suggested bass fishing, my heavier rod was already in the car. With some flies in my pockets, we headed down to this little bass pond. The wind had started to pick up, which wasn't a good sign. As we walked up to the bass lake though, it looked like a miracle was upon us. The part of the lake that we were standing it was sheltered from the wind, and a patch of sun was shining down on it. We put our first casts in, and already the day was looking better. This lake is known for it's abnormally large sunfish, and today was no different. Something inhaled my Goldi Lox Bugger on the third cast, and after a fight the fish was brought to the net. This is the fish, an average bluegill for this lake:

Yum, Fresh Goldi Lox Bugger. I Tied it Up This Morning

It was a good fish to start off this day, and it reminded me of an important matter. It's not the size of the fish, it's just being out there. Sometimes people forget that, and it's always a good reminder. The little bluegill were able to put a bend in my 6 weight like any normal bass. So that was that. After a little while of walking around the lake and putting casts to bass (with no success), I put another cast deep into the lake. I suddenly felt the line just get slightly tighter for half a second, and instinctively set the hook. At first, I thought for sure this fish was a bass. After it took a few jumps though, I realized it was actually a very nice sunfish. I fought the fish for a minute or so, then brought it up on the bank for a photo op. Here is his close-up, and I think he will definitely be a good role model for sunfish everywhere.

Notice How He doesn't Even Fit In My Hand, Much Bigger Than A Regular Sunny

I let the fish go, and kept casting. Two more fish were caught, one of which is pictured at the top of this post. As the wind started to pick up even more, we decided to call it a day. I went out and had a nice Memorial Day Lunch, and now I'll just sit home and tie flies. Another good day of Summer Break. In other news, the recipe for the "Rust Buster" will be the post tomorrow. Please check the materials list on the "Recipe" page, which can be found near the top of the blog. Colors can also be interchanged or different, whatever you think is best! I will be doing it in the Spring/Summer colors of olive and black. Thanks!


  1. Nice Gills! I really need to find a pond close to home that I can fish. I'll be following!

  2. Thanks Man! Ya, go ahead and follow if you don't mind. And it definitely helps. I'm sure it also easier for me as a kid to get access to these private ponds, they probably don't expect that I'll catch any fish. The ultimate deception!

  3. Fatty gills! Sounds like a blast, glad you were able to find some good water...and escape the Bolder Boulder crowd...well done!

  4. Glad you found some escape from people AND wind! I was down at Viele Lake....wind was HORRIBLE! No people though ;)

  5. emb- any carp, bass, bluegill, or other aquatic interest? or maybe even a "trifecta," as you called it in an earlier post?

  6. Nothin' nothin' nothin'...well, for me that is. Jay hooked up a nice carp, but then the wind blew us away.