Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swap Day and Book Signing! (And the Boulder Creek Report)

Come one, come all, to the best fly-shop in all of Colorado! Rocky Mountain anglers is going to be having a few very cool events here in the next few weeks. First of all, we will be having our annual swap day on May 21st. This is a great place to sell some of your somewhat used gear to people in need of cheaper equipment! It's also a great place to find gear if your a newbie, or just want some less expensive stuff. Check out below to see some details about the swap. Good items to sell would be things such as rods, reels, vests, tying equipment, and books. The second event we have coming up is a book signing! Well known fly-fishing author John Gierach will be at the shop May 28th to sign books. He is a great guy, and his writing is fantastic. If you haven't read any of his books, I highly recommend them. Come check it out! In other news, Boulder creek is still fishing great. I would recommend a dry dropper rig with any combination from my "Best Flies to Fish on Boulder Creek" list in my homepage.

Tight Lines!

Swap Rules:

1. Everything will only be sold May 21st

2. Items must be put on swap receipt and tagged with RMA rod tags

3. Items should be dropped off for sale between May 2nd and May 19th

4. Sales by cash or check only, all sales are final

5. I would recommend pricing items at least 50% below retail if you want things to sell

6. Payment to people who sell gear is in either the form of gift certificate (90% of selling price), or check (75% of selling price)

7. Gear not sold should be picked up by May 25th. After this, items will be regarded as donations

8. Please pick up payment within a week of the swap

9. Rocky Mountain Anglers has the right to deem items un-sellable for the swap


  1. Very nice brown! I'm all over Gierach coming. I've got another 10 or books he hasn't signed yet.

  2. @ Cofisher

    Sweet man! Make sure to say hi while you're there!