Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Of Those Days

Ya, I wish

That was today. Just one of those days. Things at school just weren't working out, and the day didn't end fast enough. I was very happy to get home, finish my homework quickly (only later to realize I did it all wrong), and get to my website. For a second things started to look up, I had my record number of views today! Thanks everyone who helped! Then, I realized I could do some tying. That's supposed to be relaxing, right? Wrong! I tied up my first fly, only to snap the dubbing loop on the last stage of my fly and have the whole thing fall apart. Okay, one bad thing, that's alright. Next fly. I started tying it, and then remembered I didn't have a crucial material. The only thing it was good for at that point was not cutting the tail, taking a picture, and putting it as a "Wait... What?" photo of the day. Check it out. My flies kept going wrong, everything from dries to nymphs to streamers to a tube fly,the worst idea ever. Tube flies need a special vise, and a straw piece doesn't make the ideal tube. I finally just decided to fall back on the basics, and tie some of my hopefully-soon-to-be "Rust Buster" carp flies. Which brings me to my next point. It's going to be beautiful this weekend! Low to mid seventies, mostly sunny, and calm winds. Go out and get fishing! I personally am probably going to use those flies and hit Cottonwood Lake. Remember though, keep it warm water. I just got reports from all sides of the state, and everyone's story is the same. High, fast, and the cold water pushed the fish away. Places I would recommend would be things like Teller Lake, KOA Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Pella Crossing, or Saint Vrain State Park. Go catch some fish! Also, do it on Sunday. Saturday, you should come to the Rocky Mountain Anglers special: The annual swap (thanks for the correction, Erin)! Yay!

Tight Lines


  1. Okay, I'm going to try to make it up there. As far as your flies go, welcome to my world. Tomorrow can't be worse than today...can it?

  2. Sure it could, it could be raining ;) That's the forecast, anyway. But nah, I like your creations! I still want to see that cat hair, knob bobber fly soon though.

  3. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow! Ah, it'll probably be raining. But, you might want to check with Jay or the RMA website...I think the Gierach is next Saturday and this one is the gear swap.

  4. O whoops, thanks for the correction erin. Too much on my mind these days....