Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Things Fishy

A Stack of Books Signed by Mr. Gierach, Pick One Up at the Shop if you Couldn't Make it!

Well, I did a lot of things that involved fish and fishing today. By far the most interesting is meeting two people who I was dying to see. I first went to Rocky Mountain Anglers where I had a nice conversation with John Gierach. John is a famed fly-fishing writer and was at the shop to do a book signing. We had a nice conversation, and exchanged a few stories. I thought it was very cool to meet someone who is a true role model and hero of my life. The second person I finally got to meet in person today was Howard, who writes Wind Knots And Tangled Lines. He and I have been chatting a lot via e-mail and each other's blogs. Well, today I got the chance to meet him at the shop. He was also there to see Mr. Gierach, and get a magazine signed that had his picture on the cover. Howard and I also talked for quite a while, and he is a very nice guy. Howard also is very knowledgeable about everything, from fly tying to computer stuff to of course, the actual fly fishing. After I had talked to him for a while, he introduced me to his friend, Larry Snyder. Larry has a website as well, Fly Fishing Crazy. He is also a very knowledgeable and nice guy. So that was a very good part of my day. The rest of the day so far, I have spent fly tying. Most of my Alien Shit was given to Howard for all his work on the logo that won the logo contest last week, which is now on the front page. So, I had to take a quick trip to Mars in my space shuttle, and feed the Aliens some beans. You see, that is the only thing that they can eat that will create the fly. Luckily, they find the beans a treat. So I collected some more of those to use for me and my dad tomorrow, who I have been teaching how to fly fish. I'll have to post the story of how I got into fly fishing sometime, because I'm the only one in my family that does it. Anyway, my dad is getting really good at fly fishing and I think he will be able to catch a lot of fish this year. So I will have another report of some local creek tomorrow. Go catch some fish! Oh, and in other news, there was a unanimous decision on which fly recipe will be put up. The "Rust Buster" will be making it's preview within a few days. I'll post a list of necessary materials soon.


  1. Justin... great talking with you today. Just to show how slow I am, I didn't realize until I was driving back to Aurora that I was in the presence of a future fishing super star. You get to talk with Aliens and all I have is a Crazy Bear. You'll get a crazy t-shirt if you can come up with a Bear Turd fly. Hint, they like to eat candy.

  2. hhahahahaah sounds good, like I said on Howard's blog (I don't know if it got posted on there yet), I see lots of purple and brown, and even a few late tying nights in my near future. Also, thanks so much for the compliments! It means a lot from all you guys who have huge websites and lots of connections that I'm on the right track!

  3. Justin you are definitely on the right track! You're an admirable and talented young man and I'm sure everyone who meets you feels the same.

    Ha! I just noticed the cube...WTF!