Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy Stories of 2010

The Rocky Mountain National Park Version of The Loch Ness Monster

This Summer is gonna be awesome! I can feel it. Lots of water days, sunny days, and hungry fish. The Creeks will be lower, just right for some crazy takes. Sweet! The crazy flies always seem to do the best in the Summer, no matter where. Last Summer I saw lots of aggressive fish, but there were three in particular that stuck out at me. Here are the (belated) craziest takes of 2010. Sorry it took me so long!

Number Three: 
I caught a fish in Clear Creek on a 3 1/2 inch Zonker, just casting into the water to get some line out so I could tie on a new fly.
Number 2:
The fish on Boulder Creek were everywhere. They were even attacking sticks that fell into the water. My friend made a joke that they would probably even take a bass popper. Lightbulb! Five minutes later, big pretty brown trout sitting on the bank with a popper in his mouth.
Number 1:
I was fishing the park on an average day last June. I was on a thin looking stretch, and my flies had just popped off. Time to tie on new ones. I tied on some flies, but realized my only dry left was a size 4 King Kong. It would still work as an indicator, right? So I put a cast up onto a rock wall. Fives second later, the water exploded. As I set the hook, my friend and I laughed. I brought the fish in, and had my grandpa come over to take a look. He put down his hand and I took a picture, then let the fish go. The picture is right above. Upon further measurement, my grandpa's hand was just above 9 inches


  1. Justin, this is actually a pretty cool post especially since we fish some of the same water. Call me next time the fish are biting on sticks on BC.

  2. I've always believed in The Loch Ness...

  3. Cool post. Wish I could go back to my school days where I could fish worry free for weeks at a time. Keep at 'er!

    BTW- Whats a King Kong?

  4. Cofisher- ya, the perfect time to test any knob bobber-esque type of fly.

    Erin- 16 wt rod, 500 lb tippet, and a fly the size of a boat. I heard people are getting a lot of hits topwater these days

    Trev- I wish, I have to do a stupid project over the Summer! But still, pretty dang good anyway

  5. O, and a King Kong is a dry fly tied with three pieces of layered foam over one another, and tons of hair on the back.

  6. I'll start working on the fly tonight...perhaps I'll model it after my canoe?! Yeah, my canoe looks kinda buggy...

  7. POW! And speaking of looking buggy, there is the King Kong in the sidebar. I like it!

  8. Definitely. You'll have to debut it all over these blogs when it's finished. And ya, there he is. Just like a GIANT salmonfly.

  9. King Kong's...the Loch Ness...a healthy fish or two...the best kind of stories! I think you'll have to work out the stick fly...

  10. Green and brown dubbing, lots of elk hair to keep it afloat, and a 10x long shank. Sweet