Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boulder Creek Report, News at 6

For anyone who's thinking about fishing the creek over the next month or so, there are a few things you need to consider first. Boulder creek is getting to that time of the year again (yes, we all know that time), and the water is rising fast. I took a look this morning, and the water is flowing around 100, but rising quickly. The water is also off color through town, so fishing will be tough. There are still fish to be caught, you just have to work harder to find them. If you do feel a NEED to fish through town, I would keep everything under an indicator. The fish are rising, but most of the water you need to hit won't keep a dry afloat when it's running as fast as it is. Also try to stay away from fishing on cold days, it will lessen your chance of catching fish (for now). I would fish a dry dropper rig in the canyon above Boulder Falls to find some good fishing. This report is mostly what you will hear from all the rivers in the state, with a few exceptions. I have found that Clear Creek near Golden doesn't rise quite as fast, so fishing there should be okay. Other than that, fish warm water, where you will find more fish and have a chance at fish bigger than your thumb.

Boulder Creek Flies (Canyon)

Rainbow Warrior sizes 18-20
Blue Poison Ting size 20
PMX Royal/Yellow size 14
Clown Shoe Caddis Brown size 14
Purple Haze size 16

Think dry-dropper rigs, fishing should be best right now when the weather seems warmer


  1. Ah, looks like you worked the water hard and well....beautiful brown!

  2. Thanks! The fishing was tough, but that photo's from a week ago so it was still manageable. I went back on Sunday, and didn't even bother fishing. It's a rippin'!