Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Need To Talk....

You ever had someone tell you that? Your first thought is definitely bad (right?) Well, we need to have a talk...

I have worms.

Do you want worms? Yes, I have hundreds of worms that I tied up this Winter that can't go to use now because the Creek is so high. So would you have any interest in getting worms? Each person is allowed a dozen worms, completely free of charge. All I ask is that in return you send me a picture of one of the worms in a fish. Don't ever catch fish? Well, stick them in something else and send me the shots. I'll start a page of all the people I've spread my worms to, along with their Blog Address. So, want worms? Email me ;)

Oh No..... The Worms

1 comment:

  1. I swear, you're a hoot Justin. I saw one of your worms today and they look real nice. Save me a dozen and I'll drive the next time we go out.