Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breaking News! Titanic 2 Sinks!

To sink, or not to sink, that is the question. Well yesterday morning, that question was answered. Did the hull of my kayak pop a hole? No. Did the PVC snap in half? No. Does the kayak sit too low in the water and all slight movement causes it to sink? N... wait, yes. Don't get me wrong, the boat floated great! For the first ten minutes, I sat right at the center of the raft, keeping it balanced. It was actually working quite well, and I thought it might actually work. Look, it really does float!

But you see how the back of the kayak is slowly taking on water? Well, after ten minutes of kicking around, I got comfortable. I went out deeper. And then I sat back. And that's when disaster struck. I think the moment is pictured perfectly when everything started going wrong:

Yes, it's true. I sunk. Right on down I went. Luckily, my grandma came to the rescue. Swimming out into the cold Lily lake in her nice clothes, grabbing my Yak, and dragging us both out of the water. Thanks! 
      After that adventure, I decided it was time to get fishing. It was much calmer these past few days, and fish seemed to be very active. I could pick out fish, put in my cast, and watch for the hook-set. Erin's Lily Buggers came through once again! Thanks, Erin!


  1. Nice try Justin(I said stifling a laugh). Good thing I didn't put my lard butt into it.

  2. Awesome. Did you bring the yak back to shore, or is it now "structure"?

  3. Move the seat forward and you'll be in business.

  4. Cofisher- I'm building another, The Titanic 3! It WILL NOT SINK.... I hope

    Trout- The Yak is back! To shore that is.

    clif- That's my plan for my next project

  5. I am thinking the problem starts with the name. Maybe the next model could be named something a little more bouyant? PFD is always a nice touch. Great post.

  6. P.S. Glad the Lily Buggers are working for you! I need to tie more up myself!