Sunday, July 24, 2011

God Damnsel!

One of the flies that has really been gaining popularity in my book is the Damsel Fly. I have found quite a few Bass ponds around my house that have a solid Damsel hatch. The Bass are willing to come up and eat a big Damsel Dry Fly,  and the takes are cool. There is also always a Damsel hatch at the private trout lake I have been fishing recently. A Damsel to Damsel is the rig of choice, and watching a huge rainbow slam a big Damsel Fly is a truly amazing sight. So in the sport of all this, I've been trying to tie some Damsels. Here's what I've got so far. Nothing I love, but I tested them out this morning and they work. I do really like the full flash wings, which change color in different sunlight and as you move the fly. They also float nicely because of their foam bodies. Here's some shots I took while playing with the new camera.

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  1. We'll have to try your and mine together and see how has the ultimate damsel...