Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fishing Food

Fishing for a few hours only requires your usual gear, and maybe some water. The load doesn't get heavy, and not much planning goes into the trip. But what about those days where you spend ten hours on the water? You have to bring food, water, and all your gear. So what do you bring to eat? Here's my top five choices:

5-  Chips. Chips work well for fishing trips because they can't go bad. Keeping a bag of chips on you also allows for snacking without getting off the water. Since chips aren't the most healthy, they take place number five on my list.

4-  Apple. No, your IPod does not make a good snack. A good old apple is small enough to carry with you, strong enough that it won't break and bruise, and filling enough to hold you over for awhile. Just make sure you wash the apple before you go. I will laugh at you if you get E-Coli from a tainted apple.

3-  Energy Bar. An energy bar does not include a Snickers Bar, dammit! Power Bars, Cliff Bars, and all the others are a good choice because they won't go bad, won't break, and are small and light enough to keep in your pocket. Most of them taste good, and at least some of them do their job of giving you energy. Like the poster said, "I Want You.... to eat an energy bar."

2-  Jerky. Turkey Jerky, Beef Jerky, Elk Jerky, and all the rest. These little snacks are easy to carry, delicious, and sometimes even provide a healthy choice. Not the kind from the gas station, but the good stuff. You can get it from a hut in Lyons.

1-  Chicken Tender Sandwich. Oh my god. I found one of these at a Safeway the other day on a way to a fishing trip. Not expecting it to be much, I bought it just for a last resort. I broke it out at lunch and took a bite. Oh my god.

Feel free to add your own!


  1. dont forget cheese puffs and salami. you ate all mine!!

  2. Ahahahahaha, no that was Ben, remember?

  3. Apple & cheese. And at this time of year, cherries! :)

  4. Jerky! Breakfast burritos and baloney sandwiches.

  5. I usually load up a huge breakfast an ddo not even think about eating until about 5 or 6. If need be Pastrami sandwich with mustard.