Monday, July 18, 2011

My Co-Fisherman For The Day

Who knew, he really does fish! Howard and I finally got a solid plan together, picked out a time and a place to go fishing, and even a place to meet. I woke up at about 8:30 this morning, got ready, and hopped into my dad's car on his way to work. He dropped me at the shop, gave me some fly money, and headed off. I picked up some Meat Whistles, which are a big fly tied on a jig hook so that it rides hook up. It's above, for those of you trout snobs. Howard arrived a few minutes later, cool fiberglass rod in hand. After a few calls to my parents about, "How exactly do we get there again?" we found ourselves at Pella Crossing. Right as we got to the side of the lake we wanted to fish, I spotted a frog. Thinking it would be a cool thing to post a picture of (like Jay's salamander), I cast my line into the water and grabbed at the frog with my hands. The bending over must have moved my fly and attracted a nearby bass, because I soon felt a tap on my line. Fish on! After a good fight, and some picture taking by Howard, I brought the fish in. Not a huge bass, but a nice one.

 I moved on and looked for more fish, and eventually started talking to a nice spin fisherman who was next to us. "Hey J, Come here for a sec." With that, I turned around to see howard fish on. He eventually brought in what I will truthfully admit was the biggest fish of the day.

We fished a little while longer, but it was getting hot and the fish were no where to be seen. We went and picked up some lunch, and drove home. All in all, a great day!


  1. Well, Erin is right, we are a hoot! Great time J, thanks and we'll do it again.

  2. Good stuff guys.

    I am glad someone is fishing.

  3. Great work, guys and awesome post! That lake is not too shabby for bass action.