Monday, July 18, 2011

Golfers, Please Learn Your F-ing Manners

I've never been a mean guy.... Oh wait, yes I have. Anyway, I was out trying to find carp on one of my favorite golf courses the other day, and the fishing looked crap. No fish to be seen, the Sun was hot, and the water was muddy. All I ad caught so far were about a dozen bass from the 3-10 inch range. Very fun, but not quite what I was looking for. I looked out into the center of the lake and watched for any movement. Not much. But then suddenly, a head appeared. A grass carp head. No wait, that was a Common! Light color and odd shape were the only things that made me think it was a Grassy. O yeah, and the fact that I'd never seen a 45 pound Common here before. I shit you not, 45 pounds. I laid fifty casts to him from a far bank, with no success. I had to move closer. I went to the forbidden part of the course, and started laying casts. My first cast was right on the money, around 6 feet in front of him. I started slow stripping, and he started moving towards my fly. Right as the fish was right in front of my fly, someone behind me said, "Don't make me tell you to get off the course again!" That made me jump, make a huge strip, and spook the fish over to the other side of the state. As it turns out, it was the same golf course staff member who told me to get off the course last time. As I told him some bull story of how I forgot, I walked toward the stupid far bank again. I muttered, "Hey, don't make me tell you to go fuck yourself again..."  "What?" the guy asked? "Oh, nuthin," I responded. As it turned out though, the far bank wasn't so shitty after all, and the fish Gods had mercy. No, not the giant carp. Just this...


  1. Caught! Oh man, did you get Howard in trouble too?

  2. No Erin, he told about this and I think was secretly hoping I'd bite...but I didn't. Silver handcuffs aren't my color. I made a fashion statement with my muddy feet today though. Thanks young master...