Thursday, July 28, 2011

August? No, It's Mid-July!

I've been crying myself to sleep the last month and a half by looking at the Boulder Creek Stream Flow Chart. The little dots seemed to be mocking me. Haha, this is where I should be. Look where I am! But when I looked the other day, I saw the flows starting to drop. This will be the one, I said hopefully. And when I checked the flows the next day and it read under 300, I was EXCITED! I had to work with the camp during the day,  but I talked my mom into letting me fish in the evening. The flows are still high, but there really are still fish in the creek! They didn't get swept away! Working a heavy point fly (Like A Golden Stone) and a smaller dropper into the banks and soft water is what produces fish. I managed to pull 21 in just over an hour and a half. Get out there, make sure you don't fall, and rip some lips! And Howard, when are we gonna go fishing?