Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Guy's Pack A Big Punch (Week Two)

This weeks kid's camp was a huge success. There were only five kids in this group, so it was a much more one on one experience. The kids were also a lot older, which helped with some quicker learning (Note to self: next week, also teach fish photography and holding). 

The first day of the camp was held at Pella again. The blue gill were hungry as always, and very wiling to eat some small nymphs. There weren't as many tangles as last week, but that doesn't mean there were few tangles. A couple of the kids in particular had a bad habit of trying to keep casting when they got a tangle. That's okay though, it was their first day. 

We spent the second day at just above 10,000 feet. Brainard lake was truly beautiful (I'd never been before), and it was nice to get out of the nearing 100 degree weather in Boulder. The kids learned a lot, and tangles were noticeably less. The only bed part of the day was that only two fish were caught. I even tried a few casts myself, to no avail. I decided to quit right after working my way onto a giant boulder in the lake, standing on it, throwing a cast into my backing perfectly toward a good area of structure, and slow stripping the leech I had on all the way back to me without feeling so much as a tap. It did give me some time to take some pictures for the shop, and test out my new Kodak Easy Share Camera. My old camera had stopped working, and after a good review from Howard the other day, I decided to buy one. They work great, thanks Howard!

The third day was a real treat, as we got to go back to one of the Private lakes that the shop has access to. Everyone had a great time, and many fish were caught. The first fish of the day was a team effort by me and one of the campers, me sight casting to the fish with a damsel dry fly and him fighting the fish. As it turned out, the fish was one of the few Browns that swim through that particular lake. I'll post the picture soon. In the mean time, I'll show you another picture. I got a chance to go back to the lake the day after the last camp, and work some cleanup. Seems we may have left a few behind...


  1. Great pictures. I am glad someone can say they got out of the heat.

    I got the flies today. Thanks again. They will get a work out when the heat goes away.

  2. Nice rabbit ears....sneaky! ;) Looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Clean-up the best for last.