Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Ugly Mugs

A couple days ago, I got the pleasure of fishing Boulder Creek with Howard from Wind Knots and Tangled Lines, and Sanders from Up the Poudre. We met up at around 10 at Rocky Mountain Anglers, and headed to one of my favorite sections in town. Things were a little slow early on, but they quickly heated up and fish started coming to hand. Howard kept up the tempo by catching various shrubbery and leaves, since he doesn't fish to many nymphs. In a few months, we'll be able to fish dries and that won't be a problem. Anyway. here's the photo roll:


  1. Justin I was a little wary of what you were going to post, but I approve. Did you notice how much Sanders and I look alike? We'll hit it again soon.

    1. Must be brothers from another mother...

      Thanks for a great day guys. Looking forward to doing it again soon.