Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rate My Hawg

No matter who you are, it's nice to get a compliment every now and then, right? Now I'm sure you've all had the same experience I have: You show your friends a picture from your last fishing trip, and get responses like "Gross" or even "Is that a big one?" Well wouldn't it be nice to show off our pictures to people who know what they're talking about? Fear not, my fellow angler. There's an app for that. Now available on the App Store, "Rate My Catch". All you have to do is make an account (takes about 30 seconds) and upload your photos. They will automatically be sent to the front page, where other viewers can rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 and add comments. Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. The app is very new, so it currently doesn't have a monstrous amount of members, but it will soon. And if you stop by, be sure to check me out.

Disclaimer: I was not payed or compensated in any way by the creators of "Rate My Catch". Merely, I found it today on my phone and thought it was a great idea. The review is just (hopefully) dishing out some more folks to the app. 

P.S: I am thinking of setting up a deal with a fish related (THEY DON'T TASTE LIKE FISH) drink company and selling them on the blog. Would there be any interest in that? I'll definitely be doing a more detailed post within the next couple weeks, but just comment your thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Cool app. Of course I'm going to have to get a whatever phone and actually like, catch a fish before this will be useful to me. I'm sure you'll fill it up after a good weekend on the blue or Platte.