Tuesday, April 10, 2012

F3T Madness

It's that event that everyone here talks about. The one time where all the Boulderite fly fishermen, pros and amateurs alike, come on down out of hiding to watch some of the year's best fly-films. If you've never been before, I highly recommend it. If you've been, well than you know how fun it can be. Now, you've all probably seen a fly fishing video or two. Maybe you're thinking, "How can I watch almost two hours of those?" This is not anything like watching a short video on your computer. This is real film crews, the highest quality videos on a HUGE screen, and really cool adventures. And don't forget, you're surrounded by 400 fly fishing guides who are drinking and excited. Now, I've been to two or three of these things, and let me tell you what I've noticed:

The first part of the show is alright. It's just like watching a movie with some buddies. Not much talking, not much noise, not much excitement. By the end of the third video, you're ready for a rest. Luckily, they give you time to look around with an intermission. Now, lot's of people look around. But everyone, and I do mean everyone, heads for the bar. The adults buy a beer, and the kids (which includes basically me and possibly a few friends) grab a Rock Star. This is like alcohol for us. After a little while, they call you back, and the videos start back up. There is a new form of suspense surrounding the room. The fly is moving down the river peacefully. Suddenly, a 24 inch brown hammers the fly. The crowd goes WILD. Screams, cheers, and lots of fun. This is when you know that the show is going to be a blast.

I have my tickets, do you? If not, you need to get them soon. The FINAL batch was delivered today at Rocky Mountain Anglers. Tickets are only 13 bucks! Come on in to the most fun video event of the year. The show starts at 7:00 pm, the doors open at 6:00, and RMA is hosting a happy hour party starting at four.

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