Monday, April 9, 2012

Search And Destroy Caddis Step By Step

Status Update: Unfortunately, due to the fact that my camera can't take a picture to save it's life battery, I don't have any step by step pictures. Instead, since you are all good fly tiers, I'm just going to write the steps and let you work off the picture from yesterday. I have faith in you!

Step One: Put the glass bead on the hook, then put the hook in the vice. Who would have guessed?!

Step Two: Bring the thread to the back of the hook, doing your best to put one wrap behind the other. Next, tie in the pheasant fibers for the tail. It is very important to try and keep the wraps even, so you can build a better body later on.

Step Three: Build up the body in an even taper all the way up to the bead. I can't stress how crucial it is to make the body nice. Don't get me wrong, it will catch fish either way. I'm just critical of my own flies. If your not, you're a lucky bastard that's great. I put way too many flies in the "no" pile because of minor things. But back to the step-by-step.

Step Four: Cut off a small piece of the micro braid, and tie it in a little behind the bead. clip it to the length you want. I tie mine with so the braid goes back to where the body ends and the tail begins.

Step Five: Dub the head of the fly loosely. It looks better when there's a few fibers sticking out. Tie off the fly, and you're set! Go rip up some Spring Bows!

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