Monday, December 19, 2011

Bows And Bros

Well, Winter fishing isn't always about one fish. I mean, if you could even consider yesterday winter. I woke up at 8 am yesterday morning with plans of hanging out with friends at the mall. When I checked my phone, I noticed I had a text from Brandon. Just one simple phrase:

"Blue Today?"

I texted my friends who I already had plans with that there was a "family emergency," then called Brandon and we were set. We arrived at one of my favorite spots about 2 hours later, and after carrying Jenny (Brandon's dog) over a rock wall, we started fishing. Within 30 casts, I had a big fish on. He cruised around the bottom trying to bust me off, but the water was cold enough that he wasn't powering. It was dark in the canyon, so I couldn't see the fish, but as he got closer I saw a white jaw about the size of my hand opening and closing. "Got a big rainbow!" I called to Brandon. He helped me out with the net, and soon the fish was back in the water.

We kept fishing, and both Brandon and I caught two more browns of about 18 inches. What a great day.

We ventured on to our next fishing expedition, ready for whatever was to come. Or so we thought...

As I grabbed my rod and made my way down to the water, I failed to notice a large patch of ice at the bottom of a hill. I tripped and fell, wrenching my hand back and spraining my wrist. As it began to swell, we realized that it was the end of our day. Sorry, bro. It was super fun.

The doctor says I'll be able to strip well by the time we go to Mexico, but to rest up until then. My basketball coach is gonna be pissed, but oh well. It was worth it.


  1. Alright Justin, you are the most hardcore fly fisherman I know. Great pics.

  2. Thanks Howard. We'll have to ge you out there next spring. Those big bows will be all up in spwan mode!

  3. Oooh what is this crazy fly of the week thing? And I hope your wrist is back to better soon...stripping away in FL.

  4. Have a Merry Christmas Justin and I aced the trout quiz.

  5. Its looking you haveing a great time Sooooo, we expect a great report when you get back. Happy Holidays.