Monday, November 21, 2011

Adventures Of A Cold Fish And The Quest For The World's Largest Dessert

Hey hey! I'm back from the Blue! Our trip was tons of fun. My grandma picked me up just before 5, way before the sun's alarm clock had rung. As it turned out, it never would come out that day. It was snowing very lightly when we left, and it just kept getting heavier as we made our way toward Silverthorne. By the time we got to our first fishing spot, it was really snowing hard. I followed some almost invisible tracks in the snow along a path that actually kind of scared me. After getting past that though, I met up with Randy and a couple other guys from Rocky Mountain Anglers. The fishing was kind of what you'd expect, hitting the far banks with nymph rigs, not catching a ton of fish, but enough to make it a lot of fun. After a few hours, Randy and the guys headed back to Boulder and we headed to our next spot. I fished the Outlet Stores for a while my grandma got some lunch, but to no avail. You could see some nice fish from the Bridge, but they weren't too interested in my flies. I got one halfhearted strike, but nothing else. We moved up above Lake Dillon after a little while, to check out another place Randy had told me about. When I got to the river it was much smaller than I expected, and I was a little worried. Could there really be some fish in this tiny little thing? I walked down the stream for a few yards, and saw something little and red swim up the river. What was that? And suddenly I was in a river of red. Kokanee Salmon! So for the next few hours, I threw the brightest flies I had at these silly looking fish. And I caught some! We left after another two hours, checked into a hotel, and went to dinner at the Mint. It's a very cool restraunt where you cook your own steaks on an open fire grill, and finish it off with the Ice Cream potato that I posted last night.

We fished for a little while this morning, then headed home. Super fun!


  1. Sounds like a great time...and your grandparents sound super cool. :)

  2. What can I say...You're hardcore. Your grandma really rocks to. Good job J.