Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tying With Enrico Puglisi Fibers

Tomorrow or the next day I'm hoping to do a little demo on how to tie Enrico Puglisi style flies. I've just learned how to tie these myself, so they look nowhere near as good as his do, but they're still nice. On a quick test today at a nearby pond, I managed to land four bass in around an hour on these flies. For a place that doesn't have too many fish in it, I consider that pretty good. Whether you have never tied these before, just want a refresher, or are coming to make you feel better about your own flies by watching mine, it should be a cool experiment. Here's what you'll need (it's a pretty short list):

  • Enrico Puglisi Fibers (I use EP 3D Silky Fibers). These are available at most fly shops, including Rocky Mountain Anglers for those of you who live near Boulder.
  • Your favorite bass or saltwater hook, and just size it depending on what you're fishing for.
  • Stick-On or Epoxy Eyes, sized to match the overall size you're hoping for the fly to be. 
  • Obviously, all your tools and your vise. Oh, and if you are or live with a doctor, try to find a cauterizing pen. It can help to keep the eyes in place. 
The last instruction I have is this: these flies are expensive. These are high quality materials, so they get pricy. Just fish these things on some heavy tippet (I like 0x Seaguar Fluorocarbon).

Disclaimer: I am not paid or compensated in any way by Enrico Puglisi for doing this demo. Merely, I am using his amazing materials to create some cool creations and hopefully teach a few tricks. Also, acknowledge that Enrico is much better at tying these flies than me, and that anything I do incorrectly is just a mistake, not me contradicting his tricks. So far, everything I've learned from his website has made my flies better. I urge you to watch his videos and take whatever tips you can from them to put into your own tying.

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  1. Those are cool flies Justin. I also really like the articulated flies you were tying a few weeks ago in the shop.