Monday, March 5, 2012

Ugly Bugly

Ugly Bugly Streamer

Tube: Small Clear Tube
Tail: Olive Marabou
Body: Caddis Green Hareline Dubbing in between two strips of Sand Rabbit Strips
Head: Olive Hareline Dubbing
Eyes: Large Silver Dumbbell Eyes

Pre: Tie on Dumbbell eyes
1) Tie in Marabou at back of tube
2) Tie in backs of each piece of rabbit strip, dub any showing thread
3) Dub to front of fly
4) Tie off+ epoxy Rabbit Strips
5) Dub front of head and whip finish

This fly doesn't look great in the box, but it starts to look great when it hits the water! The fly pictures is wet. I recommend a size 6 short-shank hook.


  1. Looks like a dead parakeet! But I can see this catching some fish.

  2. Looks like what my wifes cat chucks up every once in a while!! I live by the motto that pretty flies are for fishermen and fish prefer ugly ones (maybe that's because all the flies I tie ARE ugly). Gonna have to try this one.
    First time here...enjoyed the blog , good stuff for sure.